We’re in this life together, friends!

Life is busy and we’re doing the best that we can. But, sometimes it’s tough for us to hang on when we’re barely hanging by a thread. Join us on Better Together and connect to a community of women getting real about our hopes, dreams, worries and waistlines.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve been through, each Better Together episode will be filled with hope, help and practical next steps so that we can ALL get better together. I’ll be interviewing women, just like you, who are putting one foot in front of the other to make the most of the precious life that God has given to each of us. We’ll laugh, learn and grow together!

My friend, you need to be encouraged each and every day of your life. Let the Better Together podcast encourage and uplift you today!

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Better Together Episode 20 – Kim Fredrickson, MFT – Teaching Your Kids to Be Kind to Themselves

Better Together Episode 19 – Lynn Cowell – Raising Brave and Confident Daughters

Better Together Episode 18 – Shari Braendel – Fashion Advice for What to Wear and Your Hair

Better Together Episode – Melissa Spoelstra – How to Stop Complaining

Better Together Episode 17 – Barb Roose – Five Positive Things to Say to Yourself Before Going into the Dressing Room

xBetter Together Episode 16 – Natalie Snapp – How to Fix Friendship After Fighting

Better Together Episode 15 – Natalie Snapp – Finding Heart Sisters

Better Together Episode 14 – Catherine West – Finding Inspiration (part 2)

Better Together Episode 13 – Catherine West – Pushing Through: Letting Go Of Insecurity

Better Together Episode 12 – Part 2 – Melissa Maimone – God, Why Am I Still Depressed?

Better Together Episodes 11 – Part 1 – Melissa Maimone – God Why Am I Still Depressed? 

Better Together Episode 10 – Part 2 – Merrie Karimov – Fighting for Human Trafficking Victims

Better Together Episode 09 – Part 1 – Merrie Karimov – No More People Pleasing

Better Together Episode 08 – Part 2 – Laura Bell & Alison Frye – De-Crazy Dinnertime

Better Together 08 – Part 1 –  Laura Bell & Alison Frye – De-Crazy Dinnertime 

Better Together  Episode 07: Cara Meredith – Pursuing Racial & Social Justice

Better Together Episode 06: Marlo Schalesky – Waiting on God

Better Together Episode 05:  Kim Fredrickson – Give Yourself a Break

Better Together Episode 04: Seeing God First in Our Busy Lives – Nike Anderson

Better Together Episode 03: How to Live Love When We Disagree – Melissa Spoelstra

Better Together Episode 02: Why Our Kids Aren’t Our Parenting Report Card – Melissa Spoelstra

Better Together Episode 01: Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear with Guest Shari Braendel



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