Barb Roose

Leadership Speaker & Coach

“One of the best educational sessions that 

our team has participated in.” 

                          -Todd Frendt, VP of Operations – Impact Products, Inc.

“By far one of the best educational sessions our team has ever participated in. Barb was very engaging, dynamic and very personable and make you feel very comfortable to participate openly. Barb presented concepts that our team uses each day and we are definitely seeing a difference.”

Todd Frendt

VP of Operations, Impact Products

“Barb spoke at our HR Conference with both men & women in the audience on the topic of personal leadership. Barb instantly created a connection with our leaders with her credibility & authenticity. They loved the content she presented, the conversations she provoked, and her delivery style.”

Amanda Nelson

Human Resources Director, Therma Tru

“Barb did a tremendous job for us. She taught around the disciplines of execution. It was an extremely helpful experience. She engaged our leaders well and kept them processing the real impact of the information.”

Lance Finley

Executive Director, Churches of God General Conference

My leadership presentations are high-energy, humorous and contain relatable, practical next steps that everyone people in your organization can use, no matter if they are the cashier or CEO.


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Presentation Topics

Every day, we’re either building up or breaking down. If we want to build up, then we’ve got to have the right building tools. As leaders, our greatest challenge is learning how to build up ourselves so that we can build up others on our team. Using five popular building tools as our framework, we’ll work through five questions that unlock our next level of leadership to help us become the kind of leaders that our teams want to follow.

Playing it safe is boring! But, risking it all is scary. How can you challenge yourself to move to the next level in your personal life or career? Using her skydiving experience and leadership experience, Barb challenges us to leave our comfort zones and leap into the adventure of life.

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About Barb Roose


Barb is passionate about equipping people to activate and elevate their leadership gifts at the highest levels.

With 15 years experience in corporate, non-profit and small-business environments, Barb understands the unique challenges that leaders face. Her expertise is personal leadership development. Barb was a multiple award-winning pharmaceutical sales representative, non-profit executive director as well as executive level leadership at CedarCreek Church for many years.

Barb’s presentations include fresh insights and helpful strategies to provide practical next steps. Her five-star rated presentations are delivered with high-energy, an aspirational mindset and humor.

As a community volunteer, Barb has served on 10+ overseas missions trips, volunteer board volunteer, mentor and other community volunteer roles. She was inducted into the Medina City Schools Hall of Fame in April 2016.


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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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