Thanks for taking the next step and filling out the form. As promised, here is a recap of the details that I shared in the video. CONFIDENTIAL: Please keep the video and this follow-up information confidential between me and you. Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember:

  • INTEREST DEADLINE: By Thursday, June 25 to let me know if you want to be a part of the pilot group.
  • GROUP SELECTION DEADLINE: I’ll send an email by Saturday, June 27 letting you know who will be in the Pilot Group. (Or, you’ll receive the email from my fabulous assistant, Katherine.)


While I can’t share the title yet, I can share the topic that I’m writing about. And it’s a good one! Ready for this ——–> This summer Bible study topic is finding freedom from the feeling like Christianity is all about following rules that keep us from a rich, life-giving relationship with Christ. (remember this is confidential!) .  If you’ve ever struggled with feeling like the Christian life was a check list of guilt-inducing do’s and don’t versus a landscape of divine opportunities, then this study experience is for you!

During this six-week study, I’ll be writing an in-depth study on a New Testament letter written by the Apostle Paul. During the first pilot group meeting, I’ll share the title and the cover (if it’s back from the publishing company).


While you’re technically a part of a pilot group, this will be a true summer online Bible experience for you.

Every Wednesday beginning July 8 for six weeks, the pilot group will meet online via Zoom from 7:30pm-9:00pm EST. Meeting dates: July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5 and August 12.

Even if you’re on vacation, you can join the online group gathering as long as you’ve got a stable and strong Internet connection – this is very important!

ONE MISSED WEEK: Pilot group attendance is vital to my process. But, it’s summer and so if you’ve got a trip schedule, it’s okay to miss one week out of the six. If there is one week that you won’t be available, please let me know in advance.


This six-week Bible study is formatted similar to Beth Moore Bible format (or like my previous Beautiful Already and Joshua Bible studies).  I will send out the content in a Word document the week before the group gathering. You can print out the content OR type your answers into the Word document.

Each week of the study includes five days of study content. You can complete the weekly content all in one day, on the weekend or one day at a time – it’s up to you.

What will I need from you as a pilot group member? I’ll need your feedback, input and candor. You won’t have to worry about grammar or typos – my editor and publishing company will take care of that. BUT, you’ll identify stories that resonate with you, exercises that challenge you or help you past stuck places in your faith.

Here’s a timeline of the homework and online gatherings:

Week 1: Content sent – July 2 / Online gathering – July 8

Week 2: Content sent – July 9 / Online gathering – July 15

Week 3: Content sent – July 16 / Online gathering – July 22

Week 4: Content sent – July 23 / Online Gathering – July 28

Week 5: Content sent – July 30 / Online Gathering – August 5

Week 6: Content sent – August 6 / Online Gathering – August 12


As I mentioned in the video, you’ll turn in your study content to me after we meet online. It’s important and valuable to have your feedback during the editing process.

Everything you write is confidential and I’ll be the only person reviewing your study content.


I hope that you will join me in praying whether or not God is impressing upon your heart for you to be a part of this summer Bible study on letting God and learning to live like Jesus.

If you have any questions, email me at

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