“Never give up!” That’s the philosophy of Vicki Fitch, a top-performing leader, international business consultant and direct sales expert. If you’ve ever dreamed of making extra money to support your family through direct sales or multi-level marketing companies that offer great incentives with flexible schedules for your family, then you’ll definitely want to listen to Vicki’s story on today’s Better Together podcast. Vicki started her first business when she was 12 years old. She purchased her first home at 19 years old and began her first company a year later. As a “serial entrepreneur,” Vicki builds and sells business as a way of life. She’s been in the direct sales business for 20 years, consistently performing at the top 1% of her company, which allowed Vicki and her family to experience dream vacations and bonuses that have enriched their lives. But, Vicki’s “never give up” philosophy comes from the difficult

Does Facebook Feel Fake?

There’s a reason that you may leave your time on Facebook feeling sad, annoyed, jealous or lonely… In 2015, Christian women were studied and the result found that many women felt worse about themselves after using social media- whether lonely, envious or angry. Any of these ever go through your mind? “Why does her life look so perfect?” “Everything on social media is so fake.” “If I had (that job, money, spouse or house) I’d be happy, too.” Guess what? I’ve said these things at times as well. Many of you know that this is a difficult time of my life. For me and perhaps some of you, seeing photos of date nights, weddings and anniversaries are tough. Maybe you struggle with seeing pregnancy announcements or engagement photos. You try not to care, but that little voice inside whispers “It’s not fair” and you shake your head and release a
How do we teach our kids about God when we don’t know all of the answers?  How do we get our kids to participate in family devotions when they don’t want to sit still?!!! Take a deep breath, Mom and Dad. God knows that you’re doing the best that you can. When it comes to teaching our kids about Jesus, you don’t need to know the answers and there are some fabulous resources to help you out! On today’s Better Together podcast, I had the most delightful conversation with author, Sarah M. Wells. She’s the author of the new resource The Family Bible Devotional: Stories from the Bible to Help Kids and Parents Engage and Love Scripture.   Mom or Dad, if you’re reading this today and you’re worried about messing up your kids’ spiritual growth, relax. It’s okay to not have all of the answers. You’ve got permission to say,
  When we are intentional moms, it assists us in becoming less-stressed moms.  When we bring our babies home from the hospital, our dream is to raise them in a happy and healthy home. But, from the time that we get pregnant or we announce plans to adopt, others begin giving us their opinions about what we should or shouldn’t do. If we’re not careful, other people’s input will confuse us and add a lot of stress to our already busy lives. Today, I’m continuing my fun and freeing conversation with my friend, Susan Seay. She’s a speaker, author and homeschool mom to seven – yes, seven kids! Susan is the author of Intentional Motherhood: Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy. If you listened to part one of our interview, the podcast ended with Susan saying that she hit the wall after the birth of her seventh child. “I became
I became so burdened with my efforts to be a “good mom” and trying to do all the things a “good mom” should do. My list of “should’s” was so long I was ready to give up. In fact, I did give up. I announced it one night at dinner with a simple- “I’m done!” -Susan Seay, mother of seven (yes, seven!) Mom, do you ever “should” all over yourself? I should do another load of laundry… I should stay up late and make cookies for my daughter’s class… I should volunteer to drive carpool, even though I’m working late this week. Sometimes those “should” feel so heavy and make us feel like we’re buried under unreasonable expectations. If you’ve ever struggled with the “should,” you’ll love my conversation with my dear friend, Susan Seay. She’s a speaker and author living in Austin, TX. Susan and her husband, Ron are
Are you struggling with a worry that you can’t seem to pray away? Sometimes, the roots of our worries are buried so deep into our hearts and minds that we need to give God special permission to dig deep and remove it. Have you always been worried about money? Do you always worry about the people in your life getting hurt or abandoning you? Are you quick to flip out when uncertainty just won’t get certain fast enough? Some of our toughest worries are like that stubborn plaque that mere brushing can’t remove. To eliminate those deep down, stuck-on worries, we must be willing to put up with being uncomfortable while God’s expert hand goes to work. Like a dental hygienist’s hook, God uses a secret weapon to scrape and chip away those hard-to-remove roots of worry from our lives. Warning: This secret weapon is rejected by most Christians in
I want your love – to be unrestrained – tearing down walls – breaking these chains. -“Unrestrained”, Changed Album If you’ve ever listened to a contempary Christian radio station anywhere in the world, then you’ve heard of the Grammy-nominated, Dove Award winning band, Sanctus Real. (Feel free to do the loud crowd cheering here…) In today’s Better Together podcast, I’m talking with Mark Graalman, Sanctus Real’s drummer and original band member. A life-long native of Toledo, OH, Mark is also on staff on Vineyard Church. He’s married to his beautiful wife, Susan, and they are the parents of three boys. Mark and I had a great time talking about the early days of Christian music as well as what it was like to start a Christian rock bank back when organs reigned supreme and drums weren’t totally accepted in traditional churches. He talks about having no idea as a teen