101 Ways To Care For Yourself

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  1. Plan your schedule for 8 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Drink ½ your body weight in water IN OUNCES each day. (150 lbs = 75 ounces)
  3. Take five deep breaths before getting out of bed each morning.
  4. Get a pedometer and take 10,000 steps per day.
  5. Don’t stress over diets! Focus on eating more natural veggies and fruit than anything else.
  6. Make your annual gynecologist appointment…and keep it.
  7. Begin a stretching routine.
  8. Eliminate one unhealthy food from your diet for 30 days.
  9. Buy a new pair of athletic shoes.
  10. Schedule a weekly walking date with a friend.
  11. Remove the television or restrict tech devices from your bedroom for better sleep.
  12. Clean out your closet and get rid of clothes that no longer fit.
  13. Promise yourself not to wear clothes that make you sad.
  14. Get a new hair cut!
  15. Do salad-in-a-jar for simple, healthy daily lunch.
  16. Have a professional bra fitting.
  17. Take the best bubble bath EVER!
  18. Wash off your make-up EVERY NIGHT.
  19. Floss!
  20. Wake up and get dressed before your household wakes up.
  21. Keep snack-size packages of almonds, carrots, or apples in your purse or bag at all times.
  22. Stop buying junk food (chips, candy, pop, processed food) for one month.
  23. Make sure you own at least ONE pair of shoes that make you giddy.
  24. Get a manicure.
  25. Go to bed one hour earlier or get up one hour earlier each day for one week.
  26. Give one really great hug each day.
  27. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
  28. Commit to professional counseling or therapy for six months to deal with an unresolved issue.
  29. Develop a “board of directors” of friends to help you make tough decisions.
  30. Write a letter to someone who has hurt you. Put it in an envelope. Then, burn it.
  31. Volunteer at a women’s non-profit.
  32. Mentor a young woman for three months.
  33. Call a friend for coffee.
  34. Say “yes” the next time someone offers to do something nice for you.
  35. Smile!
  36. Journal your celebrations and struggles each day in life.
  37. Start a gratitude journal and record 25 thankful moments each day.
  38. Watch a funny movie.
  39. Devote one day to treating yourself to experiences that make you happy.
  40. Make a list of everything that you are afraid of and share it with a friend.
  41. Make a list of everything that you are worried about and share it with a friend.
  42. Go to your local art museum. Find a piece of art you love and enjoy it for 30 minutes.
  43. Choose not to argue with anyone today.
  44. Pray this prayer today: God, give me kind words, a kind heart, and kind attitude.”
  45. Eliminate sarcasm.
  46. Make a list of your dreams or bucket list. Post them where you can see them each day.
  47. Write a letter to yourself for six months from now. Seal it and put it in a drawer.
  48. Send a card to someone that you’ve lost touch with.
  49. Do something courageous!
  50. Forgive yourself for a past failure.
  51. Find a trusted friend and share something that you’ve been struggling with for awhile.
  52. Plan a silent retreat.
  53. Register and attend one women’s conference or empowerment event.
  54. Read one personal development book.
  55. Read an autobiography of a famous woman that you admire.
  56. Join (or start) a book club.
  57. Take a class at your local community college or vocational center.
  58. Keep a one-hour buffer between appointments or meetings.
  59. Review or make a list of your personal boundaries.
  60. Feeling sluggish? Talk a walk or do 25 jumping jacks to increase oxygen to your brain.
  61. Attend a lecture at your university or local library.
  62. Buy a special coffee mug or tea cup for yourself.
  63. Write down your goals for the next six months.
  64. Plan a vacation.
  65. Learn a new hobby.
  66. Clarify your values. What are your “hills to die on?”
  67. Take an online test like Myers-Briggs to learn more about yourself.
  68. Go tech-free for 24 hours.
  69. Make a “To-DON”T” list for things you must quit or give up.
  70. Stop. Take a breath and be present in this moment.
  71. Celebrate something that you’ve done well or accomplished.
  72. Ask someone to mentor you for three months.
  73. Review your schedule. Eliminate “hurry” from your schedule.
  74. Create a corner, nook, or room in your house and design it just for you.
  75. Write out your ENTIRE life story – include everything you remember about your life.
  76. Give yourself one compliment each day.
  77. Do ONE thing that you’ve been procrastinating.
  78. Memorize one Bible verse each week for one year.
  79. Join a Bible study or small group.
  80. Go out for lunch by yourself. Yes, alone. (Just don’t talk to yourself…)
  81. Take a step of faith toward a direction where you believe God is calling you.
  82. Commit to fasting one day a week for a month.
  83. Take an afternoon and purposefully grieve for a lost dream. Ask God to help you let go of that dream and give you a new one.
  84. Create your own “War Room.” (Need ideas? Click here – make sure to scroll down.)
  85. Write a Bible verse on a note card and meditate on it every day for 30 days.
  86. Buy yourself flowers.
  87. Repeat “I am God’s beautiful, unique daughter” each day for seven days.
  88. Let go and let God.
  89. Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  90. Give yourself permission to say “no.”
  91. Sit still and quiet your heart, mind, and body for one hour.
  92. Write out your stresses or worries before bed. Pray and give those worries to God. Then, rip up the list.
  93. Get a massage.
  94. Develop a morning ritual to start your day off right.
  95. Compliment one woman each day.
  96. Have professional pictures taken of yourself!
  97. Take 20 minutes each day to do something for yourself today. Pick something from this list!
  98. Say “no” when someone wants you to take responsibility for their problems.
  99. Choose today not to FEEL be responsible for someone else’s bad decisions.
  100. Apologize for something that you’ve said or done that hurt another.
  101. Buy a new candle scent or aromatherapy oil that relaxes you.



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