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The Group Hug that Healed My Heart

I finally got all my feelings back under control that I could share this story... Yesterday - for the first time ever, I taught at CedarCreek Church Fusion Camp. My girls attended or led at camp every year for the last 15 years and they didn’t want mom hanging out...

How to Stay Connected to Your Faith in the Summertime

When I first joined the staff team at my local church, I noticed a sizable drop in attendance at the beginning of summer. It was like the sun came out and captured one-third of our crowd over to the beach or some distance campground. Where’d everybody go? Over the...

When Comfort Food Calls

It took a lot of years for me to finally realize that cookies and chip dip weren’t to blame for the extra weight around my middle. Food wasn’t the culprit, but my unmanaged feelings were.  Whether I was anxious about my children’s safety, overwhelmed by my non-stop...

Better Together Podcast

Do you like podcasts? Listen to my Better Together podcast where I interview women who are just like you – putting one foot in front of the other! Each episode will be filled with hope, help, and practical next steps so that we can ALL get better together.