I’m so excited that we will have the opportunity to serve together at your upcoming event. Once the engagement contract is executed, you will receive an electronic copy. Please contact if you have any questions about the engagement contract.

Payment Instructions - No deposit required. The Speaking Fee is due when the Speaker arrives at the event, unless otherwise noted. Checks should be made payable to "Barbara L. Roose." Church or business checks are preferable. Cash payment is not acceptable.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS (Air, car, hotel and meals) - In addition to speaking fee, sponsor/event will also provide travel, hotel and meals. DRIVING: Speaker will drive up to 200 miles to an engagement. Roundtrip mileage reimbursement will be calculated 2021 mileage rate . AIR TRAVEL: Air travel is required for distances more than 200 miles one way. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the hosting organization will arrange speaker airfare FROM Detroit-Wayne Metro Airport (DTW) at least 30 days prior to the engagement. IMPORTANT: Speakers' full name must be used to make airline reservation. Preferred airline: Delta and Southwest. TRANSPORTATION FROM AIRPORT: It is our policy that a woman is present when Speaker is transported to and from the airport, hotel and events. The exception is when a taxi/Uber or shuttle service is utilized. HOTEL: In order for a Speaker to prepare for the event, it is our policy that she not stay in a private residence. Hosting organization is responsible for booking and prepayment of hotel accommodations. Hotel rooms must have interior entrances. Speaker preferences: Holiday Inn Express, Residence Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Country Inn & Suites/Homewood Suites (or equivalent) or Double Tree. IF DRIVING: When Speaker drives more than 150 miles prior to an event, a hotel option should be presented for speaking engagements that begin before 9am or end after 8pm. MEALS: Speaker will present receipts for meals reimbursement if traveling over 100 miles. Max amount: $10 per meal. HOSPITALITY: While on-site at the event, healthy meals are a blessing. Preferred items include: Chopped fresh fruit, salads, bottled water and Kind Bars.

NON-COVID RELATED Cancellation Policy - I'm so glad that we're partnering together on this event. While I'm excited about saying "YES" to your event, that means that I must often say "no" to another opportunity. With that in mind, I must have a cancellation policy in order to honor my business and family obligations. In the unlikely event that this event is canceled, the Sponsor is required to pay one-half of the Speaking Fee if Sponsor cancels the event 90 days or less prior to the event.

Pandemic Disruption/Cancellation Policy - If your local, state, national government declares a stay-at-home/quarantine order related to COVID-19: SCENARIO #1: within 90 or more days before the your event, you have the option of adapting to an online experience, rescheduling for a future date or terminating event with no cancellation fee; SCENARIO #2: If your local, state, national government declares a stay-at-home/quarantine order related to COVID-19 within 0-89 days of the your event, you have the option of adapting to an online experience, rescheduling for a future date or terminating event with aforementioned cancellation fee. If your church leadership cancels the event for COVID-19/Pandemic related reasons (with no re-schedule) BUT there isn't a stay-at-home or quarantine order, the 50% cancellation fee will apply within 90 days of the event.

Presentation Requirements - Please check boxes as acknowledgement:

Compassion International - Some conference and event planners like to include an outreach or serving opportunities for their guests. If so, Barb is an ambassador for Compassion International, a Christ-centered agency dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. She would love to talk with you about a small 10-minute intermission at the during a 30-minute break or lunch time to cast a vision for child sponsorship. This is an uplifting presentation and there is no absolutely NO pressure nor will individuals end up on a mailing list or recieve phone calls after the event unless they choose to make a decision to save a child's life through sponsorship. Are you open to Barb sharing more with you about a Compassion Presentation as part of your event?

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