After “C.A.R.E.S” Resources & Tools


You know what it’s like, right? You attend a conference or workshop and fill up a notebook of great information and you’re stoked with good intentions.

Then, nothing happens.

My prayer is that these post-workshop resources and tools equip you with practical and personalized next steps to help you live as the beautiful, unique daughter of God.


Wardrobe before messy after tidy.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Clothing is a tool and a symbol of our inner motivations and an expression of our attitudes.
  • “If you feel like a throwaway person, you’ll act like a throwaway person.”
  • If it doesn’t FIT, get rid of it.
  • FIT – Flattering, Inspiring, Timely
  • CHALLENGE: Do you need to re-evaluate your closet? Click on the image below for a blog post containing simple next steps for re-evaluating your current wardrobe and helpful tips for those who absolutely hate shopping.













Woman Looking At Delicious Sweet Cake. Gluttony.

  • RESOURCE: CLICK HERE for list from of “50 Things that Money Cannot Buy.”
  • “Our appetites are never fully or finally satisfied.” – Andy Stanley
  • HALT: Hungry Angry Lonely Tired
  • TOOL: Click here to access the HALT Food Diary if you want to track your emotionally related eating for the next week.


Still life details, cup of tea on retro vintage wooden tray on a

  • TOOL: CLICK HERE for sabbath reflection guide
  • CHALLENGE QUESTION #1: Where are the areas of hurry in your life? What is hurry costing you?
  • CHALLENGE QUESTION #2: Who will you ask to hold you accountable to rest AND to challenge you to avoid hurry.




  • When we are serving God and others, it requires more energy and effort than when we are simply doing things for ourselves.
  • SUGGESTION: 10,000 Steps per day with a friend
  • DON’T HURT YOURSELF!  If you’ve been thinking about moving your body, but wondering where to start, here are a few online workouts that I use. And, I want to mention the disclaimer that if it’s been awhile since you’ve moved your body, you’ll want to check with your doctor to make sure that you are in good health to begin any movement program.
  • Wondering about what I do? Here are a few of the online resources I use to move my body: 20-minute yoga workout, 40-minute yoga workout, low-impact cardio pilates, hi-impact cardio pilates
  • SUGGESTION: Groupon has a lot of different gyms and workout experiences that you can try out for a nominal cost.




  • CHALLENGE: Take the Thousand Gifts Challenge! Grab a journal and list out 1,000 things that you are thankful for in your life. It’s harder than you think!
  • Practice smiling at yourself each time that you look in the mirror.
  • When you smile at others, remember that it is a testimony to your belief in God’s goodness in your life.


If you want to learn more about Becoming a Woman that C.A.R.E.S., check out my Beautiful Already Bible Study! 

Available at major Christian retailers across the country.

Available at major Christian retailers across the country.

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