the (g)race project


When it comes to race, there are no easy answers. But whenever we’re in a tailspin, like we are right now, it’s always helpful to break down complex problems into chunks. So, this video is about the foundation of our individual experience with race. 

For hundreds of years, America has been described as a “melting pot.” Unfortunately, our centuries-old struggle with prejudice and racism is escalating and over the past few months, American is in the midst of a “meltdown.”

FACEBOOK - grace project

What can we do about this?

While we know that there are no easy fixes to the problem of race in America, there is still something that we can do.

“the (g)race project” is a 30-day social media experiment on Facebook. I’ll ask 30 questions about race, faith, and culture. Rather than ask for opinions, you are invited to share your stories. My theory is that when we give our opinions, it’s easy to oppose each other. Yet, when we tell our stories, understanding skyrockets.

There is power in telling others where we come from and what we’ve been through. I believe that the courage it takes for us to enlighten others become the threads of unity that have the potential to reconcile the race-related divisions that have plagued our country.

If you want to join this 30-day experiment, click here or you can email me at for more information.



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