De-Crazy Dinnertime with Laura Bell & Alison Frye (Part 1)

Mom, what’s for dinner?

Ahhh, the daily question that haunts mothers all across America. It’s well-known that 4pm-7pm is a mother’s least favorite time of day. Between after-school or daycare pick-up, sports practices or music lessons and figuring out homework, tired mamas often dread tackling dinner time preparation. As much as we’d love a hearty, healthy homecooked meal, what we want more is someone to make it for us!

But, what if you could enjoy a great home cooked meal with your family without all of the dinnertime craziness?

On today’s Better Together podcast, we’re going to talk about something that revolutionized dinner at my house. In fact, if I’d found out about this 20 years ago, our family would have eaten at home much more often and I would have cried a lot less!

Join me and my friends, Laura Bell and Alison Frye as we talk about meal swapping. This concept began as an experiment, but soon, it changed our lifestyles and transformed our families’ dinner time experience.

This two-part episode also includes a great bonus! You can download the first 12-pages of our cookbook, Never Make Just One. You’ll get all of the details on how to begin a meal swap group in your community, plus we include one of Laura’s recipes from the cookbook.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you’d like to purchase the entire Never Make Just One cookbook for $5.00, 100% of the proceeds will go toward helping moms and babies in Latin America when our Moms on Mission group heads to Honduras this summer.


Click here to download the first 12 pages of the meal swap cookbook (free)

Click here to purchase the Never Make Just One cookbook for $5.00. (You’ll receive it via email. This is a digital download. There are no hard copies available.)
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