In the newest episode of the Better Together podcast, I sharing four bridges that will help you build connection with your teen and adult daughters:

1. Kind Words – How do you speak to your daughter? What we say is most often a reflection of our heart, not our daughter’s actions. Our kind words can actually heal the emotional and physical pain that our daughters experience in life.
2. Discover Her Love Language – Do you know your daughter’s love language? Both of you can take the free test at the When you invest 10-15 minutes per day in “speaking” her love language, you build resiliency into her life and she’ll have the reserve to dig deep and tackle the problems that she’s facing.
3. Ask Before You Accuse – How many of us jump to conclusions when a negative situation happens? We can build a connection instead of creating conflict when we calmly and kindly ask, “Can you tell me what happened?” and listen to what she has to say.
4. “Open the Door” – Getting our daughter to talk can be tricky because she has a lot on her mind. I share a tip to open up communication with your daughter. Listen to the podcast to find out more!


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