How often do you criticize yourself? Too many of us have a running negative dialogue in our mind about our faults, failures, shortcomings and mistakes. 

We’re too something or not enough of something else. Most of us don’t realize that we’re heaping thousand pound words of criticism on ourselves without too much thought as to what impact those critical words are having on our hearts, minds, and lives.

Do you realize that you have a relationship with yourself?

This isn’t a question that we usually consider. We’re used to thinking about cultivating a great relationship with God and others. But, what kind of relationship do you want to have with yourself?

In today’s Better Together podcast, we’re discussing how self-compassion is the key to treating ourselves with the kindness that motivates us toward self-care and resiliency.

Here’s what self-care is not:

Self-compassion isn’t self-pity.

Self-compassion isn’t self-focused.

Self-compassion isn’t selfish.

Self-compassion is a balance of grace and truth. Self-compassion means that we are honest with ourselves in our reality and still treat ourselves as if we have love and value.

Today’s podcast guest is Kim Fredrickson, the author of Give Yourself a Break: Turn Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend. As a marriage and family therapist, Kim taught her clients the principles of self-compassion. As a breast cancer survivor and now, dealing with a terminal diagnosis, Kim still practices these techniques on herself.

 In today’s broadcast, you’ll learn and learn:

  • The reasons why women obsess about caring for others, but quickly neglect themselves;
  • The impact of not learning about or receiving self-compassion as children;
  • How to revisit our old baggage and mistakes and reframe our self-critical thinking;
  • How to talk and treat ourselves with self-compassion on a daily basis.

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