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Last week, I shared my story about a year-long battle with depression as well as a powerful podcast interview with my friend, Melissa Maimone

Boy, did I hear from you! I’ve gotten more notes and messages about this podcast than any other. One woman shared that God used our discussion to confirm that she needed to talk to her doctor about depression. Praise God!

Depression is a medical condition that can make us feel alone, fearful and hopeless. At its worst, depression can make us feel that we’re too broken or damaged to be loved. Even by God.

God loves you just the way that you are. There is nothing that you can do to change His opinion about you. 
Christians are uncomfortable with depression. By refusing the recognize depression as a medical issue, Christians often downplay, even dismisses its devastating impact on families, our careers and our health. Too often, Christians feel ashamed about being depressed or they’re shamed by others who tell them to pray harder or think more positively.

In this week’s Better Together episode, Melissa and I tackled depression, God and faith. For years, Melissa felt like she’d disappointed God, which totally wasn’t true! She speaks to us in a powerful way about a compassionate God who loves us as we are and gives us the strength that we need. Melissa discovered that depression doesn’t mean that she’s sentenced to a life of unhappiness. Friends, Melissa is one of the most radiant people that I know!

If you’ve been dealing with depression or you secretly wonder if you are depressed, I hope that you’ll listen to this week’s podcast. Also, check out the resource links provided below. You can take a quick screening quiz to find out if you should talk to your doctor about depression. I’m also sharing some other resources that will equip and encourage you.

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PODCAST: Part 1 – God, Why am I Still Depressed – Melissa Maimone

ARTICLE: “God is not Silent When We Suffer” – Edward T. Welch, Family Life Today

ARTICLE: “5 Things Christians Should Know About Depression and Anxiety” – by Brandon Peach, Relevant Magazine

ARTICLE: “7 Things NOT to Say to a Depressed Christian” – C. Michael Patton, Credo House

ARTICLE: “To the Depressed Christian” – by Mary Leigh Keith, Cru

ARTICLE: “Depression: What it is and How to Help” – by Dr. Tim Clinton, American Association of Christian Counselors

BOOK – Gathering Dandelions: Meditations and Musings on Faith, Fracture, and Beauty Mistaken for a Weed by Melissa Maimone

VIDEO: Mental Health and the Church – Interview with Rick Warren 


About Melissa Maimone…

Melissa Maimone is a vibrant, inspirational Christian speaker and author of “Gathering Dandelions: Meditations and Musings on Faith, Fracture, and Beauty Mistaken for a Weed.” 

Affected by depression and anxiety from a young age, Melissa inspires women to discover the beautiful strength and grace available to them?even in the darkest of places. With her unique blend of theology, humor, insight, and storytelling, Melissa shares with powerful vulnerability that a hopeful, joyous life is possible no matter what your circumstance.

She lives in Southern California with her husband Danny their two children, Elizabeth and Cole.
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