“Don’t burn bridges. Be graceful in all of your converations, especially when people say or do hurtful things.”

-Lisa Toney, speaker, author & leader


On this week’s Better Together podcast, we’re talking about one of my favorite ways for us to get better together. On today’s episode, we’re talking leadership! Not only that, but our leadership inspiration is Lisa Toney, an executive and teaching pastor from Purpose Church in California. She’s a seasoned leader who loves investing in both men and women, equipping them to lead at the highest levels of God’s call in their lives.

Lisa is the author of Thrive: Live Like You Matter and her new book, The Scripture Challenge releases this fall.

Not only that, but Lisa is a new voice in the next generation of Women of Faith. Any Women of Faith fans out there? Me! For over 20 years, WOF events around the country mobilized hundreds of thousands of women and now, a generation of voices, including Lisa’s are on deck to make a global impact. Lisa tells us all about WOF’s vision to reach the world and how YOU can be a part of it.

In my humble opinion, today’s conversation is like a mini-leadership retreat that packs a big punch! You should listen to today’s podcast:

  • If you’ve been struggling with confidence;
  • If you’re trying to figure out how to be a leader, wife, mom, and friend;
  • If you’re just tired and wanting to give up.

Friends, if any of those fit, then I believe that today’s podcast is exactly where you should be right now!

Let me share a few bits of Lisa’s inspiring wisdom:

“This competition thing that we have between women doesn’t get us very far. When I get together with other women and we exchange ideas, all of our lives get so much better!”

“When I think about work life balance, I just laugh. Is it ever balanced? I don’t know. I love living every day to the full.”

“I want people to see Jesus in me because that’s evidence that I’m living the call that God has placed on my life.”


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Lisa Toney  website | Facebook | book

Women of Faith Facebook Page (To find Scripture Challenge and Aloud)

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