Watch this! Barb in Honduras

This verse came to mind yesterday as I was fighting the waves. I got knocked on my behind a few times and God used it to remind me of some important encouragement that I want to share with you.

Check out the following video (Click here to watch) that I recorded yesterday while at the Palma Real Hotel right outside of La Ceiba. (Fun fact: When I visited this resort in 2010, the cast and crew from Italy’s Survivor was filming on a nearby island off. The entire group would come back each night to relax and make a lot of noise at the resort.)

If you have three minutes as you brush your teeth or wait for your next appointment, watch the video above. There’s some encouragement for anyone who has ever felt like the waves of life were a little too much.

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Speaker and author, Barbara L. Roose has a passion for inspiring women to connect with God and each other. She is the author of Enough Already: Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty and Beautiful Already: Reclaiming God's Perspective on Beauty (bible study). Connect with Barb on social media: @barbroose and at