After serving as a pastor for 20 years, Mark Savage hit a crisis point in his own life. Festering childhood wounds combined with the stresses of marriage and life erupted in Mark’s life like a devastating tornado. There was a season where Mark turned his back on God, left his wife and five childen and he nearly self-destructed.

After a dark year, Mark experienced his own resurrection on an Easter Sunday twelve years ago. He stopped fighting with God and began to climb out of the hole of his own making. Now, Mark helps others do the same. 

In this new episode of The Better Together Podcast, I’m thrilled to talk with my friend Mark Savage as he shares about 5 things that a struggling husband wished that his wife knew. Mark and his wife, Jill Savage (one of my favorite people!), speak internationally, and around the country. They also host marriage intensives in their home, helping couples in every stage of married life.

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No More Perfect Marriages by Mark and Jill Savage


No More Perfect Marriages: Home Edition

The Wait is Not Wasted

Rebuilding Trust


Mark Savage is an author, speaker, and marriage coach. After serving as a pastor for twenty years, Mark hit a crisis point in his own life. After a dark year, he stopped fighting with God and began to climb out of his hole. Now he helps others do the same. Mark and his wife Jill are the authors of No More Perfect Marriages and through their writing, coaching, and online courses they help individuals and couples find the hope and the help they need when crisis hits. The Savages make their home in Normal, Illinois.

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