Do you ever look at your life and feel like it is littered with shame, anxiety, fear, or perfectionism? What would it look like for you to give yourself a break and give yourself the same grace that God gives to you?

Join host Barb Roose on this episode of Better Together Facebook Live, for an honest conversation with guest, Amy Seiffert, on 5 ways that you can begin giving yourself grace today.

5 Ways to Give More Grace To Yourself

1. Remember that grace is about what God has done, not about what we have done.

When you feel down and discouraged because you just feel like you can’t get it right, remember that grace is all about God and not about us. God’s grace is abundant and available for each of us.

2. Recognize God’s grace in your life.

Did you know that the words “gift” and “grace” are synonymous? Grace means receiving something that you don’t deserve. Amy encourages us to take some time to stop and think about the things that we didn’t deserve but were given anyways. Practice being thankful for God’s gift of grace.

3. Get still. 

Take time for a short sabbath in the middle of your day to be silent and reflect on the fact that you are loved, cherished and taken care of by your Heavenly Father. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, it will make a difference!

4. Meditate.

During your 5 minutes of quiet, choose a verse (or even just a part of a verse) to rehearse in your head over and over again. Amy often uses the phrase, “He restores my soul,” during her moment of silence.

5. Breathe.

Amy reminds us of the power of just taking time to breathe. Take some slow, deep breaths to help your body relax and recenter on God.

About Our Guest Amy Seiffert

Amy Seiffert is an author, writer, and teacher. She currently is on the teaching team at Brookside Church, where she directs community groups and team cohesion. She has also been an affiliate Cru staff member for more than eighteen years. Weaving biblical wisdom through her presentations, Amy inspires, teaches, and humbly invites any willing spiritual pilgrim to walk alongside her in the pursuit of truth and the knowledge of God. Amy is married to Rob, and they live in Bowling Green, Ohio, with their three kids.

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Better Together host Barb Roose is a popular speaker and author with a passion to help women live beautifully strong and courageous in Jesus’ name. She’s the author of multiple books and Bible studies, including Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus and Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle. Visit Barb’s online home at


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