smaller - YOU ARE ENOUGH w rose“What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done in the name of beauty?”

This was a question that I asked over 500 women around the world as part of my 2013 Created with Curves study on beauty.

Here were some of my favorite answers that didn’t make it into the book:

I wanted to be tan so badly, that one time I used Wesson oil and laid out in the sun for two hours! Needless to say I was fried!

I wore silicone breast enhancements that fit into a special bra in my 20’s. One night, I went dancing and one fell out onto the dance floor.

Tried to lighten my own hair. Went to bed brown, woke up orange.

I tried to wax “downstairs” by myself. It didn’t work had there was wax stuck for days…

(Is it wrong to admit that I screamed with laughter over a few of these…)

Some of the most oft-listed responses in the survey was the use of Preparation H to combat puffy eyes and dipping one’s self in vegetable oil before laying out in the sun. If you’ve ever done either of those, you’re probably experience some unpleasant flashbacks right now.

Once upon a time when I was growing up, there was no such thing as the Pinterest for beauty tips. Our beauty advice came from “Seventeen Magazine” or “Glamour.” There were some stupid ideas out there promising to help us get rid of acne or to lose 10 pounds. And some of us listened to every hair-brained idea out there. Like me. I wanted to lose weight my sophomore year of high school. Each day, I only ate a bagel, orange and can of fake generic lemon-lime pop. #didntloseapound #soooohangry

God gave us our bodies for a purpose far beyond what we can think, feel or see in the mirror. It’s a good thing to take care of ourselves – even getting hair highlighted, make-up, etc. But, we can’t just do anything and everything to our bodies .Last week, I read about a woman who died after receiving questionably butt injections in a back room at a beauty salon. My heart broke, for not only her death, but for all of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that convinced her that she wasn’t enough already.

Wisdom is needed to discern what’s reasonable and wise when it comes to taking advantage of our beauty options.  Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! Pay attention to those words:

And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.   –Proverbs 4:7

For those who love to read between the lines on things, don’t look for hidden meanings behind Proverbs 4:7. Just take the words in for what God is trying to tell you. That’s what I want to share with you today.

I don’t have a list of do’s or don’ts for you. While I have opinions about plastic surgery, HCG diets, oils or any other stuff, my opinions are really only for me. Not for you. Your job is to figure out what God’s conviction for you as it pertains to those beauty-related topics.

Here’s the most important part: Friend, if you don’t know, ASK God for wisdom and guidance. And then, as the verse says, use good judgment.


Too often, we’re looking for a shortcut to fast results, when most of us just need to start with eating more fruits and vegetables and getting more exercise, right? Don’t make it too hard on yourself, friends. Some of the stuff that we need to do to take care of ourselves is common sense.

Never forget, You are beautiful. Discipline yourself to use wisdom and apply good judgment in living out your faith and honoring God with your body.

Q4U: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve every done in the name of beauty?

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