“My God is the author of resurrection.” -Laney Houser

From the outside, everyone assumed that Laney Houser was a superwoman and had it all. She was a pastor’s wife, had two Masters’ degrees and owned a successful counseling practice. 

However, behind the successful and shiny veneer of ministry and career success, Laney didn’t want people to know that she was crumbling from the inside out. For years, she didn’t want to admit it to herself. Finally, the toll of living in an abusive marriage, excessive overworking and a chronic health condition pushed Laney over the edge into a complete mental health breakdown.

In this episode of the Better Together podcast, I talk with Laney about her decision to let go of everything in her life and check in for in-patient treatment to recover from her breakdown. It’s a story that Laney is proud of because she explains that letting go of the life that was killing her opened the door for God to resurrect a new life filled with new purpose, passion and most of all, healing.

Now, she is living with pure joy each day and describes herself as “miracle-ly married” for the past 31 years as she and her husband both sought God’s forgiveness, treatment and individual accountability to deal with the abuse situation in their home.

In this week’s episode, Laney and I discuss:

  • What are the signs of mental health breakdown?
  • Identifying marriage abuse and why a woman shouldn’t attend marriage counseling with her husband if he is abusive.
  • Wisdom on how to safely exit a potentially abusive outburst from a spouse.
  • The power of letting go and how God can bring healing, restoration and freedom from even the lowest points in our lives.

Now, Laney is a coach and enjoys teaching people how to live in joy and freedom. She says, “If you don’t like the life that you’re living, you can change it.” 

Laney is also the host of the Unstoppable Women’s Conference, an online event in December. Laney and I recorded an interview and we had a great time discussing what it means to be an unstoppable woman who lives with purpose in each. You can find out more information by clicking here.



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About today’s guest:

Laney Houser is a joy-filled health and happiness coach who loves coaching successful Christian women to live with purpose and passion. Her curiosity and love for learning has helped her complete two Master’s Degrees; one in Counseling and one in Theology, and certification in life coaching and health coaching. She is an emotional eating and eating disorder specialist and is currently working on her first book. She’s got three fantastic grown kids, two of whom are married, and an awesome husband of 31 years. When she’s not reading a good book she’s hanging out with her amazing family hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and just enjoying the great outdoors where she lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

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