“On what should have been the most beautiful day of my life, a switch flipped in my body?” 

Have you or someone you know struggled with chronic pain? For 20 years, speaker and author, Melinda Means fought chronic pain and autoimmune disorders that she jokingly referred as the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Melinda is the author of the book, Invisible Wounds: Hope While You are Hurting. As we talked today, she reflects on the years of constant doctors appointments, diseases, and treatments, she felt like the woman in New Testament who struggled with uncontrolled bleeding for 12 years (Mark 5).


Raging within, Melinda’s suffering body was a spiritual wound that spread deep and wide. “I didn’t understand how God could love me and still let me suffer. I know that my earthly father would have healed me from my debilitating pain if he could. So, if my earthly father would heal me because beloved me, then why wouldn’t my heavenly father heal me?”

During my conversation with Melinda, we talk with great candor about the difficult questions that we ask God when we’re in physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. If you’ve ever grappled with questions like why God hasn’t taken away your pain or why your prayers for healing have gone unanswered, then today’s podcast conversation is for you.

What you’ll hear in this week’s podcast:

  • The story of Melinda’s 20-year struggle with chronic pain and spiritual struggle with her faith;
  • What happened when Melinda prayed a radical prayer in the midst of her pain;
  • The ONE thing that you can do if you are in the midst of a physical/spiritual struggle;
  • A beautiful new gift God bestowed on Melinda that you can enjoy and download for yourself!


 Melinda’s website |  Melinda’s book  | Melinda’s Facebook page

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SHARE YOUR STORY: Are you dealing with something in your life that God hasn’t healed yet? Maybe it’s a chronic illness, a broken relationship, or an unfilled longing that keeps breaking your heart. Share your story in the comments below and bring home to another person who is listening today. 



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