Letting go is hard! However, it’s worth it. No matter where you’re at in your surrender journey, this free printable reminds you of how God blesses your willingness to let go and let God.

Download this free printable bookmark and use it as a reminder of your commitment to trust God and let go of control!

Here’s a special coupon code for an author-signed copy of my Surrendered Bible study! Coupon code and signed copy available only at on my website.

I created six Surrender Principles  as powerful tools to equip you (and me!) on how to practically let go of situations and people that we can’t control. Download this free printable, print it, post it or save it on your computer/cell phone.

Let Go and Worship!

Sometimes, music can help us express ourselves in a way that is so different than anything else. Listen to this specificually curated playlist of songs with lyrics that will remind you that God loves you, He’s taking care of you and most of all, He wants you to trust Him!



Do you tend to take care of everyone else before taking care of yourself?

During tough times, it’s so important to take care of yourself.  This FREE ebook is packed full of suggestions for spiritual, emotional, physical and relational self-care ideas.


Overcoming Pandemic Fatigue with Tabitha Allman

Overcoming Pandemic Fatigue with Tabitha Allman

Do you feel worn out and exhausted all of the time? Join host, Barb Roose, and her fabulous producer, Tabitha, for a real and raw discussion about dealing with pandemic fatigue and how to lean into God’s strength and peace. If your heart is weary, this episode is just...

Waiting for God with Xochitl Dixon

Waiting for God with Xochitl Dixon

Waiting on God can be tough, especially when you’re waiting on a good thing.   Join host, Barb Roose, and author and speaker, Xochitl Dixon, as Xochitl talks about how God taught her to wait on Him in tough circumstances. Xochitl will share how you can wait on...

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