In this episode of the Better Together podcast, host Barb Roose shares five positive statements that women can use before, during and after their shopping experience.

As one who has battled an ugly struggle with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image, Barb shares godly wisdom for women at every age and stage in life. These five statements reflect God’s truth about women.

Here are the five statements:
1. If it doesn’t fit, I promise not to buy it.
2. I will buy the best for my budget.
3. This label is not my value.
4. This piece of clothing isn’t right for me, but it’s right for someone else.
5. I am God’s beautiful daughter and trying on these clothes won’t change that.

Barb recommends that women repeat these statements when before entering the dressing room, while disrobing as well as after shopping.

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