There’s no better time than now to tackle some of those “to-do’s” that you’ve been to busy to do.

But, how do you get things done during the #coronavirus crisis when you’re trying not to worry too much?

I had a great chat with friend and author, Katie M. Reid about five ways we can get things done when life gets out of control.

  1. PRAY – Wake up and give thanks to God before you begin your day.
  2. PUT ON YOUR SHOES – Get up and get ready for the day – even if you don’t feel like it.
  3. PAUSE – This slowed season of your life is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities and reset them, if needed.
  4. PIVOT – Being willing to shift your perspective and be willing to apply creative solutions to complex problems.
  5. PUSH  – Keep movng forward!
Katie is the author of Made Like Martha and the co-host of the popular podcast, Martha and Mary Show. She’s been a friend of mine for years and always a blessing to me. She’s going to be a blessing to you!

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