Plan-to-be-Spontaneous-Tomorrow_6175-lPlanners comfort me. Always have. I love that there is something out there that is supposedly organizing my chaotic life. Even if that is not actually true, I like to believe that  it is…

Before there was iCal or Outlook, I used a Blackberry to schedule my appointments and remind me to take my medicine. Before that, my Palm Pilot ruled my world! Remember how we loved the sleek, sexy design – but we didn’t love the little stylus that kept getting lost!  Before Palm Pilots, we planned by paper. Of course, the Rolex of paper organizers was the good ole’ Franklin Planner. Owning a Franklin Planner was the ultimate confirmation that whatever I was doing must have been important. Yes, I was doing something important enough to write down in a $300 PAPER planning system. Anyone else feel silly knowing that we can get an iPad Mini for the amount we used to spend on a Franklin Planner? Sheesh!

I may not always follow the schedule I’ve written down, but I like knowing that it is there – that at some point I was smart enough to think ahead of the game. Yes, I love to plan.

Except for when it comes to food. No plans. I just want to eat what I want, when I want and how much I want.

I’m leading a group of women through Lysa TerKeurst’s best-selling book, Made to Crave. There’s a phrase that has been ringing in my ears every time I think about eating a second helping or a third cookie: unrestrained pleasure.

That phrase usually triggers the words of 1 Corinthians 10:23 – “Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” And, then I get a little annoyed (and even a little panicked!)

Why? When it comes to food, I want what I want when I want it. I love how Lysa’s personal journey in this area of her life has had such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many others, including myself. I love how she challenges women to discipline themselves to find comfort and pleasure in Christ, not food. Let’s face it, whenever we have an extreme emotion – happiness or sadness, we automatically reach for something to put into our mouths. Yet, when we finish our consumption, we end up with an entirely different set of feelings…and most of those feelings are of shame or regret.

So, this past week, the ladies in my group and I agreed if we plan for the things that are important, then we would commit ourselves to planning our meals for the next two weeks. Our agreement isn’t because we’re all trying to look like some size 2 supermodel. Rather, we’re making a plan to put food in its nourishing, rightful place and for us to focus on finding comfort and pleasure in God alone.

Truth is, I was sweating as I was posing the challenge. This means that I have to lead by example and frankly, I’m not sure I want to. But, I will. I hope.

Wish me luck. And don’t send me any chocolate.



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