Marriage is a good thing! God is still raising up the next generation of husbands and wives who are passionate about godly marriage. 

 If you are a parent of young adults, you don’t want to miss this episode as Barb talks with Malachi and Courtney Green about hope for marriage and the lessons that they are teaching about God-honoring marriage to the next generation.

Malachi and Courtney are passionate about growing together as a couple as well as growing God’s kingdom. In this episode, they are sharing with Barb and Tabitha important lessons that you can share with the young adults in your life. 


Malachi and Courtney’s YouTube Channel

As You Wait Academy



Malachi and Courtney Green are the Pastors of Heart of God Ministry although online many know them as The Greens. Their mission is to normalize Christ and never dilute his power. Their ministry focus is to train, and disciple Christians in all aspects of life. They also share a strong passion for Christ centered singleness and relationships.

Check out this episode!

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