Are you grieving and desperate for people to understand how you really feel? 

 After author Gwendolyn Burton’s 26-year old son died suddenly from an epileptic seizure, no one around her could say anything to help her feel better. She’s spent years working through the grieving process and has captured her journey and the lessons learned in her new book “You Don’t Know Just How I Feel”. 

Barb invites Gwendolyn to be raw and honest about the grieving process including how to show kindess and care to someone who is grieving.

Grief is so personal, but in this episode, Gwendolyn shares practical boundaries, grief self-care, how to handle social media as well as how to find hope after devastating loss. 



You Don’t Know Just How I Feel


After three miscarriages and an adult son who passed away from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), Gwendolyn Burton is uniquely qualified to help others navigate their grief journey by discussing common challenges and misconceptions. She studied with grief expert David Kessler, founded Sisters in Solace (SiS), a support group for mothers of child loss, and is a Certified Grief Educator. Gwendolyn enjoys physical fitness and lives in Aurora, Colorado, with her husband, son, and three dogs.

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