Are there pressing questions on your mind about your sexuality as a single Christian woman but you don’t know where to have that open and honest conversation? On this episode of the Better Together Podcast, Barb talks with author and podcast host, Kat Harris, who has a passion for coming alongside women and helping them understand God’s good design for sex while also saying goodbye to sexual shame. 

In this conversation we talk about ALL.THE.THINGS. and don’t shy away from questions like, “What is sex?”, “Is it okay to masturbate?”, and, “Is anyone else still waiting for marriage?”

Prepare for a power-packed, vulnerable and grace-filled conversation.



Kat’s Website

Sexless In The City

The Refined Collective Podcast

Instagram: @therefinedwoman



Kat Harris is the host of The Refined Collective Podcast, and Co-Founder of the online publication The Refined Woman. Her first book Sexless in the City will hit bookstores April 2021. She has also been a full-time photographer for the last decade with her work featured in: Vanity Fair, GQ, Forbes, People, Who What Wear, US Weekly, Glamour UK, and more.
She coaches and equips women all over the world in dating, relationships, singleness, sexuality, faith and how to build a renewed and healthy biblical sexual ethic rooted in freedom, truth and grace as opposed to the oh-so-common shame and fear narratives so many experienced growing up in evangelical culture.
Kat loves God, personal development, a good Beyoncé dance party, + is a Ranch dressing connoisseur. She believes in the power of story, that done is better than perfect, quality triumphs quantity, and that the journey truly is the destination. Ultimately, her vision is for women to know their beauty, identity, worth and value and to experience untapped freedom and joy in their lives
regardless of their relationship status.
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