Has your life been shaken up recently? When you feel like things are out of control and life gets messy, remember: there is grace.

On this episode of Better Together Facebook Live, host Barb Roose talks with best-selling author and comedian, Kerri Pomarolli, about how she has leaned on God during this COVID season after all of her gigs were cancelled and personal relationships shaken up.

3 Expectations You Have Permission To Let Go Of During This Pandemic Season: 

1. “Perfect” Parenting

For all of the parents who are navigating online or hybrid learning during this season, I feel for you. It can be difficult to deal with so many changes being thrown at us all at the same time. Kerri gives us permission to let go of our desire to parent perfectly and to take hold of love, grace, and maybe a donut or two.

2. The Small Battles 

If we allow ourselves to, we can get so caught up in the small things and easily become overwhelmed. Kerri gives us permission to let go of the small battles so that we can focus our time and energy on the things in life that carry the most weight (providing for our families, our spiritual walk, finances, etc.).

3. Our Fear

Kerri has watched the Lord come through for her over and over again during this season. If you are in need of provision, Kerri gives us permission to say, “Lord, fix it,” and trust Him to provide.


About Our Guest Kerri Pomarolli…Kerri Pomarolli is a stand up comedian, author, actress and supermodel wannabe. She has been on The Tonight Show 29 times, General Hospital, Young and the Restless, Comedy Central and many more. She has been on Nick at Nite, Netflix, and enjoys touring the country with her clean comedy and Christian events. She’s worked with everyone from Jay Leno to Carol Channing and is passionate about writing. She’s written several books including “Moms Night Out And Other Things I Miss” that came out with the hit motion picture. She is so excited to be a writer for the Hallmark Channel as well. She is also a screenwriter and works in television writing and lives with her two comedy inspirations; Lucy and Ruby in California.


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Better Together host Barb Roose is a popular speaker and author with a passion to help women live beautifully strong and courageous in Jesus’ name. She’s the author of multiple books and Bible studies, including Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus and Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle. Visit Barb’s online home at barbroose.com.

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