“Focus on the person you are fighting for, not the person you are fighting with.”  -John Geurin

Do you have a secret that you’re keeping from your husband? Some of us might sneak in a few pairs of shoes inside brown grocery bag or perhaps there is a secret Amazon account attached to an off-the-radar credit card, secrets are never good for a relationship.

But what about a bigger secret?

Are you hiding secret feelings from your husband about the guy at the office who gives great shoulder rubs?

Do you feel a growing affection for your neighbor who always has time to fix something when your hubby is busy?

On this episode of the Better Together podcast, I’m talking with speaker and author Shannon Geurin. Shannon and her husband, John live in Colorado and they are parents of two daughters.

Twelve years ago, Shannon began an emotional affair with a man that led to a physical affair. As Shannon says, “and that affair led me to do the unthinkable. I was going to leave my family – husband and my little girls.”

This is a raw conversation, friends. Shannon speaks with humility about the mistakes that she made, the lies that she believed, the forgiveness that she received, and the long five-year road that she walked with her husband after her affair.

Even if you think that it isn’t possible for you to even find yourself in Shannon’s situation, there are plenty of other ways in life when we can get off-track in life. Listen as Shannon shares not only the warnings signs, but take heart and have hope as Shannon also shares how you can find your way back if you’ve made big mistakes and you’re wondering if you can ever overcome them. In Jesus’ name, you can!


  1. Surround yourself with people who are supporting the decision that you are making.
  2. Write down God’s promises and post them where they can encourage you.
  3. Don’t let shame and guilt rob you of God’s forgiveness and your future.


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