I’m on my iPhone way too much. Yes, I admit it.

My phone is always beeping, buzzing, ringing (kinda), dinging and it’s got me trained to look at it every time. A few weeks ago, I realized that it was time to get a handle on this issue. So, I decided to activate a tech solution to help me with my tech problem. In fact, I found the “Moment” app to help me monitor social media usage.

Yet, salvation came from another place.

sad face...not really.

sad face…not really.

At some point during my daughter’s soccer game, I removed my phone from its safe place inside my wallet and placed it on my lap. As I jumped up to cheer for my girl, my phone tumbled down to the concrete ground and landed face down.

As I looked at the shattered screen, I wasn’t mad. Frankly, I was relieved. That spider web of new cracks across my screen looked horrible, but those razor sharp lines provided a powerful boundary. In my desire to avoid slicing my finger tip open, I immediately lost interest in picking up my phone every 10 minutes just to see what’s going on.

Now, I’m on my phone less. While I can’t quantify how much less, I just know it’s less and that’s a good thing. Instead of looking down on a regular basis, I’ve been freed to keep looking up. And, it’s always good to remember that the best of life happens when we are looking up.

Just a reminder to treasure your present because we can't get it back...

Just a reminder to treasure your present because you can’t get it back…

Every moment that I’m looking up rather than looking down is a moment that I can connect with someone, rather than something.

Every moment that I look up versus looking down is a chance to smile at or encourage someone who crosses my path.

Every moment that I look up instead of looking down is a moment to observe those that I love and think of how blessed I am to have them in my life.

Today’s lesson: Look up. Because you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t.

Earlier today, I watched a thought-provoking video called “Smart Phones and Dumb People.” It’s a few minutes long – and since social media has trained us to only watch videos that are :58 or less, you’ll have to just gut this one out because it’s worth the watch.

How are you doing with your technology use? Are you obsessed with your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, X-Box, etc? If you’ve conquered your tech obsession, how did you do it? Tell us more – and feel free to share this post if you think others might enjoy it.

P.S. Thanks to our CedarCreek MOMentum leadership team for creating such a great teaching moment and including this video as part of it.





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