A lot happened this year! So, I’m putting a pin in my annual self-reflection because this is a tough year to self-evaluate. During a world-wide pandemic, I survived. I should probably call the year a success on that point alone and keep it movin’.  Still, I’m an Enneagram Three, so it’s REALLY hard not to self-evaluate!

After a much-needed nap, I got the bright idea to move from self-evaluation to survival tips. What helped me get through 2020? That’s much easier for me to identify. Here they are:

✔️ Friends – Cue the “Friends” theme show music and sing the line with me: “When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year / I’ll be there for you/ ‘Cause you’re there for me, too.” There’s a whole tribe of you who’ve been there for me. Thank you.

✔️ My Girls – They’ve been so brave this year. I’m really proud of them!

✔️ Devotion Time – Here’s a stack of the Bible studies that I did this year for my own personal devotion time. While I’m a Christian writer, my professional work is not substitute for my own necessary spiritual work. Thank you to these friends who brilliantly wrote content that helped me get better this year.

✔️ Walking – Bless. Walking is one of my MVPs for 2020. It’s the one thing that the pandemic didn’t take away. It preserved my mental health over and over again.

✔️ Reading – Books helped me escape the pressure of the pandemic on many-a-day. One of my top books this year is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. As a writer and creator, I floated on her words and stories.

✔️ Gratitude – Wearing “gratitude glasses” and giving thanks each day for God’s love, provision and preservation pushed back a lot of anxiety and worry.

✔️ Farmer’s Market –Each Saturday, my soul soaked up the bright colors, fresh vegetables and the enduring human spirit at my downtown farmer’s market. I can’t wait to go back!

✔️ Healthy Food – I’m generally a healthy eater. Thanks to grocery pick-up during the quarantine, I could stick with healthy eating.

😂 Finally, memes. To all of the meme creators out there who made us laugh when 2020 life wasn’t funny at all, thank you.

👉🏾 What about you? What got you through this wild year? Who do you want to shout out and thank?

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