Three years ago today that I backed up a 18’ U-Haul truck down a narrow alley behind a newly renovated apartment building.

It was over 90 degrees that day, so I couldn’t really tell the difference between my sweat and my tears.

When I took French in school, we learned the phrase “C’est la vie” which is translates “such is life.” This phrase is used when life doesn’t go as planned.

Three years ago today was never in my plans. 

The addiction that robbed our family of its wholeness and then came back and suffocated us until we had to leave wasn’t in my plans. 

Leaving my home of over 20 years where I raised my kids was never in my plans. 

The divorce, starting my life over at 45 alone, still attending family addiction recovery support meetings…none of that was never in my plans. 

C’est la vie.

No doubt, you’ve got a few days on the calendar in your life that didn’t go as planned. Maybe right now, you’re in a life-or-death grip, holding on to someone or something that you’re trying to keep together…but it’s tearing you apart.

The best that you can give yourself in life’s “C’est la vie” moments is the Gift of Surrender.

Surrender isn’t giving up.

Surrender isn’t giving in.

Surrender is a gift that we give ourselves.

We surrender when we give over what we love or care about to God because we finally humbly accept that only He can handle it.

Surrender is your only path to peace.

Today, there is still grief and sadness in remembering, but in my living there is blessed shalom. Over the years, God has been abundantly faithful to His promise to give me the peace that truly does blows my mind.

God’s love held me together when I was falling apart.

God has provided more than I could ask or imagine.

He healed the heartache.

He surrounded me with the support that I needed.

God wants to do the same for you. Is there something that you’re trying to hold together, but it’s tearing you apart?

What or who do you need to surrender today?

If you need a simple prayer, you can use this: God, I can’t, but You can and I will let you. Amen.

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