Waiting on God can be tough, especially when you’re waiting on a good thing.


Join host, Barb Roose, and author and speaker, Xochitl Dixon, as Xochitl talks about how God taught her to wait on Him in tough circumstances. Xochitl will share how you can wait on God even if you feel like you’re at the end of your rope today.


Big Ideas from Today’s Show

1. When the wait feels endless, we can practice taking God at His word.

No matter our circumstances or how we feel, Xochitl reminds us that we can take God at His Word. In the middle of our waiting, we can rest in God’s truth and believe that He will carry us through. 

2. As we acknowledge the constant presence of God, we can walk and wait in the power of God.

When we actively acknowledge God’s presence all throughout our day, He empowers us to take the next step in the right time. Some practical ways to acknowledge His presence is through prayer, thanksgiving, or worship. 

3. God weaves every detour and delay into His all-encompassing plan for all His people.

All of our stories are interconnected with one another, and when we look around, we can see the ways that God is moving and working in the lives of others. In Xochitl’s words, “If he could work in their lives, then He will work in my life…We might not be waiting for the same thing, but we trust in the same God, and He is never changing. 

About Our Guest Xochitl Dixon

Xochitl Dixon serves as a contributing writer for Our Daily Bread Ministries. She is the author of Waiting for God: Trusting Daily in God’s Plan and Pace (2019) and the children’s picture book Different Like Me (2020). She’s written for multiple compilations, including Guideposts’ All God’s Creatures and Our Daily Bread’s God Sees Her (2020), Moments of Peace for Moms (2020), and God Hears Her (2017). Through strong biblical teaching and Scripture-based prayers, she empowers readers to be rooted in God’s Word while growing with God’s people. Xochitl and her service dog, Callie, enjoy connecting with readers on the God Hears Her blog, on social media, and on her blog at www.xedixon.com.

Links from today’s episode:

Xochitl’s Website


Waiting for God

Grab your copy on Amazon.

Different Like Me

Buy your copy on Amazon.

Better Together host Barb Roose is a popular speaker and author with a passion to help women live beautifully strong and courageous in Jesus’ name. She’s the author of multiple books and Bible studies, including Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus and Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle. Visit Barb’s online home at barbroose.com.

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