Are you tired? Does taking a day off to rest seem impossible?

Listen to one of Barb’s teaching messages on the topic of REST. The big idea of her message is this: We are blessed when we rest.

In this upbeat and equipping message, Barb talks about why and how Jesus championed rest for us.

Some of the highlights from this message:

    • We are blessed when rest.
    • When we are exhausted, sin starts looking good.
    • Rest realigns us with God’s purpose for our lives.
    • Rest reconnects us with God.
    • Rest revives us.

Sabbath (Rest Day) Prayer: God, I will rest in you today. I will be blessed as I rest today. I trust that you are my provider and I give you what I have and trust you for what I dont.

BONUS! Is your life out of whack? Here’s a video clip from the podcast episode where Barb demonstrates how non-stop living can throw our bodies out of whack. She also tells a funny, yet powerful story of how she realized what God needed her to change in her own life.