I started today with the question: “What is Freedom?” It’s the question that’s giving us fits right now.
I put a pin in my thoughts and went to the beautiful Toledo’s Farmers Market. A freelance journalist stopped me while I was buying some red onions. She was interviewing people and asked if I would answer one question. I said sure.
She tapped on the recording app and asked, “Barb, what is freedom?” I should have seen that coming.
What is freedom? I know what I want it to be. I know what it should be. But what IS freedom right now?
When I first arrived at the farmers market, I passed this man making music sing with his violin. Carved US flags were in the foreground. I took this video wondering if the US flag and black man playing music were complements or contrasts.
Later, I ran into the journalist and here’s how I replied to her question: “Freedom is when we can flourish in every area of our lives.” I don’t know if I got that right, but for this year, it’s where I am at.
How would you answered her question, “What is freedom?”

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