461k barb 30 sec ScriptWhat is it about a mirror that brings out some (or all) of our insecurities? 

I wake up pretty raw in the morning. Getting out of the bed is one of the hardest things that I do all day long, mainly because Night Barb is a creative party animal. In fact, she’s working out this blog post right now. I love her…

Anywho, the first stop each morning includes a trip to the bathroom and ends with a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror.

Over 525 women (at least I hope its all been women…) around the world participated in my October 2013 “Created with Curves” survey.  I was looking for data to include in the book because beauty is a topic that is so subjective. Yet. what I received was so much more than just data. Those survey responses changed my perspective about the power and impact of the topic of beauty.

So many of us think that beauty is a shallow topic, but the memories, scars and wounds run deep under our skin and bleed into our souls. After the survey, many women sent me emails or Facebook messages with their personal stories because they had more to say after filling out the survey. I was humbled by how so many women cared more about a safe place to share their experience over anonymity. Some stories have made me laugh. There were lots of stories that I could totally related! Other times, I had to get up and walk way from the computer because the stories were just too much.

Here’s one of those stories:

I struggled with insecurity for much of my childhood and adolescent years. “Duck Face” was a constant phrase used to define me throughout elementary. Relationships were hard for me to form, not only for my never-ending awkward stage, but also my love for Jesus and telling every single person I could about Him. I entered junior high and decided that I didn’t want to be different anymore, so I followed the grunge trend – like wearing black lipstick and my dad’s old clothes.
In high school I consumed a daily regimen of Pepto-Bismal and club crackers to maintain my anorexic, size 0 frame. Craziest effort I ever made, not only to lose weight, but most importantly to feel like I had some sort of control over myself, both on the outside and inside, too. 
Despite my relentless search to discover myself, God chose to use my screw ups for Hos glory…He led me to start a support group for those struggling w ith eating disorders at Bible school that is still impacting lives to this day…He turned my ashes into beauty unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

For all of her struggles, the need of her story inspires me!

As a Christian woman, I know that God sees me as special and beautiful, but that reality doesn’t always translate when I look in the mirror. Here’s some Friday truth, ladies: We are too hard on ourselves. You don’t need to read a book or take a $300 survey to recognize that fact.

The results of the survey are printed in chapter 4, titled “Flaw Finding.” Not only do we share the data from the survey, but readers also have the opportunity to do their own assessment.


More initial data insights…Okay, we seem to mostly love our eyes. No controversy there. Personally, I have issues with my feet. Which is crazy ironic since most people think I am obsessed with shoes. Which I am totally not – kinda. But, I have ugly feet. And I wear a size 11. (Obviously, I will be the first person to buy this book when I’m done writing it because clearly, I have some issues myself.)



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