Working at home for the first time during COVID-19? Welcome to this new way of life.

As a former office dweller, I remember that first day when I didn’t have to go to the office. It was exciting, but I made some rookie mistakes that I want to warn you about.

1️⃣ Leave your pajama pants on.

Why? Because. Seriously, no one is going to see your legs during the zoom call.

2️⃣ Wear the same clothes as long as possible.

This picture here is staged. This is what people think that work at home people look like. It’s a lie.

I’m typing this post to you in a questionable t-shirt and pajama pants. That’s real.

Here’s the deal: You’re working at home now. Why dirty up more clothes than you need to? That’s extra laundry that you don’t need in your life.

3️⃣ Turn off ALL your phone notifications.

If you don’t, you will check one thing on Facebook and before you know it, two hours will have passed.

4️⃣ Beware your fridge.
Your fridge is going to talk to you all day long. There’s nothing to stop you from getting a snack every five minutes. Be your own boss on this and keep to your meal/snack schedule like you did at the office.

5️⃣ Let go of your expectations.

Repeat after me: I can’t control what’s happening, but I can stay calm and control how I handle this.

It’s an adjustment working at home. Be kind to yourself. Let go of your expectations of how you think that things should go.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Dear God, thank you for the opportunity to keep working, even if it’s at home. Today, I open my hands and release my expectations of how I want things to go. I don’t have control, but I trust that You do. Help me to manage my attitude and works so that I can give people the same kindness and grace that You give to me. Amen.

Enjoy the at-home adventure, my friend.

🌸 COMMENT: Share your work-at-home pro tips for the newbies. Let’s help them out!
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