I became so burdened with my efforts to be a “good mom” and trying to do all the things a “good mom” should do. My list of “should’s” was so long I was ready to give up. In fact, I did give up. I announced it one night at dinner with a simple- “I’m done!” -Susan Seay, mother of seven (yes, seven!)

Mom, do you ever “should” all over yourself?

  • I should do another load of laundry…
  • I should stay up late and make cookies for my daughter’s class…
  • I should volunteer to drive carpool, even though I’m working late this week.

Sometimes those “should” feel so heavy and make us feel like we’re buried under unreasonable expectations.

If you’ve ever struggled with the “should,” you’ll love my conversation with my dear friend, Susan Seay. She’s a speaker and author living in Austin, TX. Susan and her husband, Ron are the parents to seven, yes seven kids. Not only that but Susan is a homeschool mom, who also supports and consults with other homeschooling moms on a national level. Susan is the author of Intentional Motherhood: Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy.

Susan and I have been friends online for almost a year, but we met IRL (in real life) in July at the She Speaks Conference, hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. Susan actually flew from her home in Texas to help me out with my workshops –that’s a great friend! On top of that, I got to see Susan in action as she provided gentle and loving encouragement to every woman who crossed her path. If you meet Susan, she’s going to make your life better, whether you talk to her for one minute or an hour.

As a speaker and author, Susan’s wheelhouse is that she is a mentor for moms. And as the mother of seven, she’s got some great expertise in that area.

During our Better Together conversation today, Susan talks about a trap that is so easy for moms to fall into – the quest to be the mom that tries to do everything.  

Susan and I will discuss:

  • The crazy questions that people ask when they find out that she has seven kids;
  • A GENIUS trick that Susan used when her kids lost their minds in the grocery store;
  • What unreasonable expectations makes moms tired and discouraged;
  • Stories of encouragement that will put a smile on your face;
  • Overcoming the trap of perfection.

About Susan Seay…

Through the “Mentor 4 Moms” Podcast and the relatable style found in her book The Intentional Parent: Parenting On Purpose When Life Gets Busy, you get a sense of Susan’s heart to provide encouragement to moms combined with helpful practical tools. As a wife and mom to 7, she truly understands the challenges of trying to be an Intentional Parent. Susan has been a mentor to women locally in Austin, Tx and Internationally for over a decade. 



Susan Seay   Website  |  Podcast  | Intentional Parenting Book


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