This is one of my most favorite videos ever! 

Here’s what happened with the Dove Campaign set up as an experiment at shopping areas in different cities around the world. Women had to choose which door they would walk through. This powerful video captures not only their choices, but some of their comments as well. If you’ve ever struggled with how you see yourself, please take a few minutes and watch!

Did you change your mind after watching the video?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that Christian women loathe to admit that they have “an ugly struggle with beauty.” For some reason, we think that God only cares about our hearts, but we forget that He created our bodies as well. When we call ourselves “fat,” “ugly,” or “not enough,” God cares about that pain in our lives as well.

If you’ve been struggling with what you see in the mirror, God has a lot of beautiful truth that YOU need to know! Check out my Beautiful Already Bible Study. Click the photo to find out more!

I have facilitated this wonderful study for 4 groups of women, and it is LIFE CHANGING! Great for all ages of women including teen girls!

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April 2017

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