What would it look like for YOU to live beautifully strong and courageous? 

  • Pursue your dream job or goal;
  • Confront and overcome your fears, either past or present;
  • Learn to walk, dress or speak with more confidence;
  • Become more confident in your dating relationships.

As a Confident Queen Client, you’ll give yourself the gift of discovering God’s great adventure of joy and purpose for your life.

I am passionate about teaching and coaching women how to beautifully strong and courageous by overcoming their fears and discovering God’s great adventure of joy and purpose for their lives.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught and coached tens of thousands of people at churches, conferences, seminars, leadership events and on-on-coaching session. I’ve worked in both business and faith-based environements and produced five-star results for my clients and listeners.

As your Confident Queen Coach, I will be your knowledgeable guide and coach as well as your biggest cheerleader. Not only will you love our upbeat and inspiring coaching sessions, but you’ll see tangible results – if you put in the work!

Stop living in your fears and start living beautifully strong and courageous!

 I’d love to work with you!

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P.S. If you’ve got specific questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions
What's the Difference Between Life Coaching and Counseling/Therapy?

Counseling or therapy generally focuses on dealing with the past, while coaching focuses on setting goals for the future.

How Does Confident Queen Coaching Work?

Based on my experience as a life coach, I’ve structured the Confident Queen Experience as follows:

  • Three 1-hour private one-on-one sessions via Zoom
  • 1st Session –  “Discovery” 
  • 2nd Session –  “Design”
  • 3rd Session  – “Determination”
  • You’ll receive Confident Queen Discovery Tool
How Much Does Confidence Queen Coaching Cost?

The cost is $250 per three sessions. The entire coaching fee is payable in advance of the first session. Payment can be made when booking the coaching sessions.

Can I Book for More Than One Set of Coaching Sessions?

Absolutely! During your last of the three sessions, we can make plans to continue working together!

Can I Book Only One Session?

Coaching is about setting goals and working toward one’s life goals. That’s hard to do in one session!

My three-coaching session strategy is proven to be successful and success is what I want for my clients.

Do You Diagnose or Treat Mental Health Conditions?

Life coaches do not diagnose, nor do they treat mental and emotional disorders.  Should additional mental health needs or concerns surface in the course of a coaching relationship, a referral will be suggested and encouraged.

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