Key Text: Nehemiah 2-6

Unity: A gathering of imperfect people perfectly committed to something greater than themselves.

Unity Principle #1:

It only takes one praying person to get started.

Unity Principle #2

Resistance is part of restoration.

Unity Principle #3

Haters gonna hate.

Unity Principle #4

When God’s people come together, there should be joy, not gossip or grumbling.

Unity Principle #5

When you’re making progress, haters gonna hate AND they will hurt you in hopes of halting God’s Work in you.

Unity Principle #6

We maintain a heart of unity when together we seek the heart of God.

Unity Principle #7

You’ve got to be ready to fight for unity.

Unity Principle #8

We cannot be unified if we’re unwilling to acknowledge and help those that our community has left behind.

Unity Principle #9

There is no neutrality in unity. You’re either part of restoring unity or letting it get torn down.

Unity Principle #10

Unity’s Prayer: One for all and all for the One.


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