I created this post so that I could have a place to come back to to read and listen to Dr. King’s message for myself – and I pray that his words create a meaningful moment for you and your family today.

In our world of short-attention span and sound bits, I’d venture to guess that most people have never read or heard his entire speech. I wonder how many schools cover this as one of most historic speeches in U.S. history? Generally, people recognize the later, more lively part of Dr. King’s speech, particularly, “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE’RE FREE AT LAST!”

Those words thrill our hearts and give us hope. What we forget is that Dr. King’s empassioned end was a dream, not a reality. Those final words hinge on the previous, profound – and I don’t use the following word lightly – prophectic observations that Dr. King made about our country.

A menagerie of messy emotions ping-ponged around as I read the transcript of his entire speech. My heart hurt, my eyes watered and my soul ached. Other than the use of the word “negro,” Dr. King’s speech would ring true today.

As a black woman living in America, I share Dr. King’s dream. I haven’t lost hope, but my heart is hurting. Tonight, Dr. King’s speech reminded me that blood, sweat and tears are required when we’re fighting for something worthwhile.

If you’d like to read King’s entire speech, I recreated it in these slides. A few things before you start:

1. Dr. King addresses both black people AND white people in this talk. Don’t undermine what you can learn by focusing on what the other side should be doing.

2. The slides are in order, begin with the slide that has “barbroose.com/graceproject” on the bottom right corner. That’s Slide #1. Advance the slides by clicking the arrow to right.

3. Would you rather watch? I’ve inserted a video below that you can listen to. Perhaps, you can watch with your family and discuss it.

4. Share this post. Allow Dr. King’s words to be a voice for hope for black people, other people of color and everyone fighting for justice with them. If that’s you, thank you.

SHARE YOUR COMMENT: What part of Dr. King’s speech inspires you the most?

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