“Being strong isn’t about perfection and it’s not about having it all together. It’s about having the tools to shift and turn it around when we’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted and looking for a pathway out.”

-Susan Seay


How do you define a “strong woman”?

This is one of those phrases that represents what we want to be, but often we never quite feel strong, especially when our lives are filled with struggle. Strong isn’t having it all together and strong isn’t perfection. In my experience, I’ve learned that strength is often something that I can’t always see in myself, but I can make decisions that will make me strong – whether I feel it or not.

On today’s Better Together podcast, my friend Susan Seay shares the three decisions that can start making today that will infuse your life with strength. Best of all, today’s conversation is deep and ‘fo real! As a wife and homeschool mother of 7, Susan talks about tough family challenges that their family has navigated such as parenting, marriage struggles and work-life balance issues.

She’s the author of Intentional Parenting: Parenting on Purpose When Life Gets Busy and speaks nationally at conferences and events. Susan hosts a highly engaging podcast called the “Mentor 4 Moms” podcast.

Imagine what it would feel like each day for you to wake up with the:

Strength to face any challenge;

Strength to overcome failure;

Strength to go for your dreams;

Strength to trust God no matter what happens!

If you want to have this kind of strength, buckle up and press play for today’s conversation. You deserve to invest these 30 minutes in yourself, your life and your future.

What are the three decisions that strong women must make? 

  1. A strong woman establish an answer to the question “Who is God?” (Warning: This question has two different meaning, so listen as Susan brilliantly explains!)
  2. A strong woman determines what it means to live intentionally in her present moment.
  3. A strong woman are committed to trusting that better days are ahead


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Susan’s Mentor 4 Mom Podcast

Better Together Episode – “Intentional Motherhood” Podcast

Better Together Episode – “You aren’t a bad mom” Podcast


About today’s guest:

Susan Seay has a highly engaging podcast- “Mentor 4 Moms” and she’s also the Author of The Intentional Parent: Parenting On Purpose When Life Gets Busy.

As a wife and mom to 7, she understands the challenges of trying to raise kids in a noisy and distracted world. Her mission is to help families create a culture in their homes that is both on purpose and full of purpose. It’s what Susan refers to as – Intentional Parenting. Her commitment to being a Mentor 4 Moms on Intentional Parenting has given her the opportunity to share with women both locally and Internationally reaching women all over the globe. Every time Susan speaks her goal is to provide encouragement combined with helpful practical tools.

You can find out more about her work and stay connected by visiting SusanSeay.com

About your Better Together Podcast Host…

Barb Roose is a popular speaker and author who is passionate about equipping women to win at life with Christ-empowered strength and dignity. Barb loves speaking at women’s conference and leadership events such as the Aspire Women’s Events, She Speaks Conference and the UMC Leadership Institute.

Barb is the author of multiple books and Bible studies, including her newest releases: I’m Waiting, God: Finding Blessings in God’s Delay and Joshua: Winning the Worry BattleBarb’s writing has been featured in magazines or blogs such as Simple Truth Magazine, iBelieve.com, Crosswalk.com, More to Life Magazine, Just Between Us Magazine, Cherished, InCourage and Women of Faith.

 An avid traveler, reader, and lover of all things chocolate-peanut butter, Barb lives in NW Ohio and she’s the proud mother of three adult daughters. Visit Barb’s online home at barbroose.com.

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