Are you a stepmom who wants to win with her new hubby and kids?

Join Barb for this week’s FB LIVE conversation with author Cheryl Shumake and learn her valuable insights and practical tips on how to protect your step-marriage, deal with difficult bio moms, and how to connect with hurting kids.

Cheryl is the author of Waiting to be Wanted and she has some incredible resources for stepmoms available at


Big Ideas from Today’s Show

1. Stepmoms were built to withstand the turbulence of the lives they’re living.

Cheryl shared that as a stepmom, your role is to be a conduit of God’s love and blessing to your bonus children and the husband that you are in covenant with. Although challenges will come and it may feel easiest to turn around and run, Cheryl encouraged us to lean on God who is able to both equip and empower us to live faithfully in our unique situations.

2. God teaches us to love hurting children who are traumatized by divorce.

Just like Jesus came to earth and loved us when we were broken and hurting children, traumatized by sin, Cheryl encouraged us to approach our hurting children who have been traumatized by divorce with humility and grace. Remember that even if there is conflict, these children are not your enemy. The devil wants to use offense to create division and destroy families, but Cheryl reminded us to not take the bait.

3. Be strong and courageous. The fruit is out on the limb.

Keep on going. Keep on investing. Keep on pressing in to your bonus children. Even if you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, don’t give up. The fruit is coming.

And remember, whether or not your relationship with your bonus child(ren) turns out the way you hope it will, the true fruit you are reaching for is the Savior’s “Well done”.

About Our Guest Cheryl Shumake

Cheryl Shumake deeply loves her husband, Jonathan, and their four children. She is an adventuress who enjoys travelling and subjecting family to interesting culinary concoctions. She is also an ordained minister, Bible teacher, speaker, and conference host. Cheryl has authored several books and is a stepmom educator. She finds it a privilege to lead women to faith, freedom and fruitfulness in Jesus Christ. However, what she cherishes most about her life is that she is a worshipper, daughter and friend of the Most High God. Cheryl and her family make their home in southeast Michigan.

Links from today’s episode:

Cheryl’s Website

Waiting to be Wanted

Get your copy here.

Better Together host Barb Roose is a popular speaker and author with a passion to help women live beautifully strong and courageous in Jesus’ name. She’s the author of multiple books and Bible studies, including Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus and Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle. Visit Barb’s online home at

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