“Hope is knowing that one day I will hold my babies in heaven.” -Kaila Mugford

Today’s episode is one of the most powerful and emotional conversations that I’ve ever had on the Better Together podcast.

I’m talking with my brave and courageous friend, Kaila Mugford about her journey as a mother with two children living with her on earth and two precious little boys in heaven. If you or a friend has suffered a miscarriage or infant loss, Kaila’s speaks with bare honesty and vulnerability about her complicated feelings about God, faith, others’ advice, and how to stand by friends who suffer a miscarriage or infant loss. After you listen to today’s episode, please share it with a grieving friend and let her know that you love her.

Kaila blogs about her family’s grief and the loss of two children at kailamugford.blogspot.com. Writing is healing for her, and she hopes that her words can bring comfort to others grieving too.



Kaila’s blog

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